For all of you Mygazines completists out there, here’s an update. The site—launched last year as an illegal magazine firesharing site under the cover of darkness, only to settle with publishers and promptly fold—is once again live.

This time, however, Mygazines appears to be abandoning the community model, and repositioning itself as a “legitimate” digital publishing vendor (new tagline: “digital publishing made easy”), offering three levels of turn-key services for publishers.

As Martin Ferro-Thomsen notes on his blog, the site now is now registered to something other than a post office box on the island of Anguilla:

Flyp Technologies Inc.
10 Bellair St. #1604
Toronto, Ontario m5r3t8

Technical Contact:
Schwartz, Yoav

There are so many established players in this space—and ones that haven’t been sued up the wazzo—it’s hard to see how Yoav and Mygazines will compete, much less survive.

But stranger things have happened.