United Business Media’s TechWeb is expected to announce a reorganization today that will result in a number of layoffs as well as management changes.

When asked exactly how many positions were eliminated, TechWeb’s Scott Vaughan, who serves as vice president of marketing, declined to comment.

“We have to continue to evolve and diversify our business structure, expand in new areas and scale our organization to stay ahead in a rapidly changing media business,” Vaughan told FOLIO:.

As part of the reorganization, TechWeb is expected to announce the following staffing changes: David Berlind will be promoted to TechWeb chief content officer and editor-in-chief of TechWeb.com; Fritz Nelson will be named executive editor of the InformationWeek Business Technology Network (IWBTN) and producer of TechWeb TV; John Ecke will be named vice president and group publisher; Brandon Friesen will be named InformationWeek’s vice president and group publisher; and Martha Schwartz will be appointed vice president of IWBTN’s group sales.

Vaughan said digital and events make up the largest portions of TechWeb’s revenues, both accounting for roughly 40 percent. The remaining 20 percent comes from print. “The big focus for us is to continue to integrate and be able to grow into new businesses,” he said. “We’ll put people in areas of our business that are poised for growth.”

London-based UBM has undergone a number of reorganizations over the last several months. In December, TechInsights announced a “leadership reorganization” which resulted in the elimination of roughly 10 percent of its global workforce. It also reorganized East Windsor, New Jersey-based Commonwealth Business Media unit—which publishes several magazines targeting the global trade and transportation market—into UBM Aviation and UBM Global Trade.

In March, as part of its 2008 year-end financial statement, UBM said it laid off more than 500 staffers in the second half of last year. The layoffs were part of a sweeping reorganization that began early last year, effectively transforming the company into four separate businesses.