The mysterious founder of “themediaisdying” Twitter feed—a running compendium of layoffs and shutterings in the media industry—has been outed.  His name is Paul Armstrong, a part-time journalist and a former communications manager at MySpace. He currently lives in Britain.

He wrote a column for BusinessWeek about the demise of the newspaper business:

If we’re looking to affix blame, we should look no farther than to ourselves. At the most basic, we stopped "buying" it. Newer generations never grew up depending on newspapers—they’d consider it anachronistic to write the local paper a check for a subscription. At the same time, the "old media" still do not grasp the technological and sociological changes associated with this generational independence. There is a huge miscommunication between creator and consumer in terms of value propositions. Nothing has gone "wrong," per se, it is simply a changed balance of power. Creator and consumer are no longer tied to the other.

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