Tech Crunch has an interesting story that suggests Twitter may have found a way to make money after all.

It revolves around the list of 100 suggested users Twitter supplies any new registered user. That list includes Al Gore, Lance Armstrong and the New York Times. Tech Crunch’s Erick Shonfeld says that Jason Calcanis, CEO of Mahalo (who has 61,266 Twitter followers), has offered Twitter $250,000 for a permanent spot in the top 20 of the suggested list for two years (or $120,000 for one year).

Shonfeld quotes Calcanis as saying, "I believe that in five years the top 20 recommend slots will be worth $1m a year each-super bowl commercial level in fact. … this is dead serious. I’m thinking of sending the check today anyway."

So much for the organic, populist idea of the user dictating what’s popular and what’s not. But on the other hand, why not? When even Mary Hart is peering at you as you turn on the TV, extolling you to check out Entertainment Tonight’s Twitter feed, it’s probably time to realize that Twitter has become yet another one of the oh-so-necessary online bolt-ons for your business (yep, FOLIO: has set up its own account).

Although personally, my own feelings about Twitter are more summed up by this: Why Twitter Sucks.

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