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Laid Off Portfolio Editors Launch Recession Site

More bootstrapping young terps go it alone.

Vanessa Voltolina By Vanessa Voltolina
02/11/2009 -10:10 AM

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that two editors recently laid off from Condé Nast Portfolio are launching a recession-themed Web site,

Laura Rich and Sara Clemence,'s former assistant managing and lifestyle editors, respectively, teamed up with Lynn Parramore, an author and academic, to create a “user’s guide to the recession.”

While the site’s concept may be unique, the idea of former editors going it alone online is not. Late last year, former Elle editors began the e-newsletter, I Heart Daily, to fill the void of shuttered CosmoGirl! and Teen People in the teen girl market. In September, former editor of the San Francisco Giants magazine, Erica Boeke, launched sports site GoGameFace for female sports fans.

Unlike its counterparts, is not long for this world. A “pop-up site,” similar to pop-up retailers that set up shop temporarily in storefronts, “When the recession is over, the site will go away,” said Rich. But “just in case,” Clemence said, she recently bought the domain name

Vanessa Voltolina By Vanessa Voltolina --

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