The most popular content management systems have their passionate advocates, reminiscent of the Quark versus InDesign battles between art directors. Below, Joe Bachana, president and founder of technology agency DPCI, offers his three top choices in Web CMS for publishers who don’t want to go the enterprise route. "I did not include proprietary Web CMS software in my top-3 pick since I don’t think that small publishers can afford these solutions, certainly not in this economy," says Bachana.

1. Drupal. "Hands down one of the best open-source initiatives for WCMS in history—the core codebase was built lean and the intent was to encourage enhancement by 3rd parties. What Dries Buytaert started 10 years ago is perhaps one of the most successful movements with thousands of developers worldwide contributing modules free of charge. This is by far the best solution for small publishers and the fastest growing WCMS platform today.

2. WordPress. "For rapid deployment of a blog-like site with some CMS capabilities, WordPress is the way to go. I also like that Matt Mullenweg is to WordPress as Dries Buytaert is to Drupal."

3. Clickability. "Not so much for its functionality/feature set as the fact that small publishers that can’t afford to implement their own WCMS platform will need to go to a hosted solution. We’ve seen a number of small publishers get stuck with smaller SaaS providers that didn’t have a robust infrastructure or a rich enough feature set to assist the publisher with its business. I think Clickability is right in there for hosted WCMS

Top 3 Social Media Platforms

When picking a social media platform that is hosted, make sure you have a legal agreement that ensures you retain ownership and control over the content you upload as well as the user generated content, according to Bachana. "This way, if you decide to port over that content to a different system (internal or hosted), you will have legal rights to that content."

1. Kickapps.
"Comprehensive functionality, good video handling capabilities too so the publisher doesn’t need to integrate with other 3rd party video distribution platforms. Pricing seems to be reasonable for the small publisher and the product already has connectors with some popular WCM solutions such as Drupal."

2. Lithium. "Similar kind of product and company to Kickapps, we had some good experience working with that solution at an implementation last year."

3. Drupal Organic Groups module.
"Drupal has a number of modules that can make implementation of a social media platform attainable. That in addition to video handling modules make this worth looking at should the small
publisher want to spend a little more money up front to get their own application."

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