Integrated. Engaged. Customer focused. We’ve all heard the buzz words but what do they actually mean? A little more than halfway through the worst year in the publishing industry in recent memory, just about everyone has gotten the message that we need to do things differently.

So how do industry leaders view their companies? Some CEOs say they’re in the “content generation business” rather than the old silos of “print” or “e-media” but does that terminology really translate to day-to-day operations or is this just an updated version of the old saying, “platform agnostic?”

In this article, 11 C-level publishing executives describe in their own words (and in most cases, with a minimum of catch phrases) what they see their businesses turning into and how publishing technology is helping them meet this new mission.


Sharon Rowlands | CEO | Penton Media

David Nussbaum | Chairman & CEO | F+W Media 

John Loughlin | Vice President and General Manager | Hearst

Justin Smith | President | The Atlantic

Brian Rowland | President | Rowland Publishing Inc.

Scott McCafferty | Co-Founder | WTWH Media

William Pollak | CEO | Incisive Media

Larry Burstein | Publisher | New York Media

Deborah Esayian | Co-President | Emmis Interactive

Kathleen Kennedy | Chief Strategy Officer | Technology Review 

Charlie McCurdy | Chairman and CEO | Apprise Media and Canon Communications

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