The Society of National Association Publications announced today that the group, over the next 12 months, will change its name to Association Media and Publishing.

The new name, the group said, has a focus on emerging markets while “honoring our essential connection to publishing.” Incoming president and IEEE Spectrum publisher Jim Vick said the new name will serve as “a new lens through which to view our member communications, including our publications, Internet presence and community—both in-person and virtual.”

The group’s board of directors approved the new name in May. According to outgoing president and American School Counselor Association communications director Kathleen Rakestraw, the association began discussing the change about two years ago.

“Our association’s core focus will continue to be to serve association professionals who edit, manage or contribute to member or industry-focused media, ranging from traditional print publications to Web sites and blogs to social media, streaming video and virtual community management,” she said in a statement.

Association Media and Publishing will not use an acronym (as “SNAP” did), the group said.

The new name is expected to become final by June 2010.