Recent research from Affinity’s VISTA Print Rating Service for the second quarter reports Self’s June “20 Ways to Eat Healthier Right Now” as the most-read story, with 90 percent of the surveyed readers recalling the article (Total Readership), and 85 percent reading more than half of the feature (Extent of Readership).

Average readership as measured across all articles was 61 percent from April through June, which bases its data on readers surveyed on over 100 consumer magazines and more than 1,000 articles.

While these ratings may not guarantee newsstand longevity—or successful growth in ad pages—these five features can offer insight into what’s resonating with readers.

#1: “20 Ways to Eat Healthier Right Now”
June 2009
Total Readership: 90%
Extent of Readership: 85%

“The tips are free and easy to try, so readers can take action right away, which is a successful formula for Self’s editorial content overall.”

—Kimberly Kelleher, vice president and publisher, Self

#2: “The Green Energy Economy”
U.S. News & World Report
April 2009
Total Readership: 89%
Extent of Readership: 75%

“[Writer] Kent Garber presents a compelling tour d’horizon of one of the nation’s most vexing issues. With a firm command of the material, he explains not just where things are going in the great energy nationalization debate, but also outlines the bumps in the road in getting there.”

—Margi Mannix, executive editor, U.S. News & World Report

#3: “Hot Nights Out!”People StyleWatch
June/July 2009
Total Readership: 89%
Extent of Readership: 73%

“This reinforces what we’ve been sharing with advertisers, which is, readers have a connection with our content and are making purchases directly from the pages of StyleWatch.”

—Michelle Myers, publisher, People StyleWatch

#4: “How Our Salaries Are Changing”
April 12, 2009
Total Readership: 89%
Extent of Readership: 53%

“This was the lead article in our annual ‘What People Earn’ issue, which is among our most popular. It provides readers a rare peek into their neighbors’ pocketbooks. At the same time, people are clamoring for information that can help them navigate in this troubled economy.”

—Randy Siegel, president and publisher, Parade

#5: “I Am So Alone”
Us Weekly
April 20, 2009
Total Readership: 88%
Extent of Readership: 73%

Us Weekly shines in the celebrity gossip category with an exclusive cover story interview with emotional rollercoaster Lindsay Lohan. The feature discusses her split from girlfriend Samantha Ronson, a “humiliating” weekend showdown with Ronson’s family, and why friends’ fears she is suicidal are unfounded.

See the full top ten list here.


Source: Affinity’s VISTA Print Effectiveness Rating Service; Top articles by readership (April through June 2009). Ties in rankings broken by extent of readership scores.

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