WTWH Media, LLC recognizes two main drivers in the marketplace, among many others, that set the pace and tone of its businesses.

1. Media consumption has changed forever, and continues to evolve at an extremely fast pace.

2. Marketers must have increasing ROI to justify marketing investment.

Media is no longer the infomediary it once was just a short time ago.Instead, WTWH is a catalyst for enabling the end user and engineer to connect on their terms through a fast growing selection of technologies.

These technologies and end user behaviors are changing quickly and this creates enormous opportunity.

We cannot dictate the business of media anymore with so much sudden change and revolution the ‘social media’ movement has wrought on the industry—so regardless of what business we think we are in, the markets are making the decision for us.

The business and market forces are blurring the lines between publisher, agency and extended marketing arm of our advertisers. As marketing groups and budgets get cut, there is more reliance on our marketing expertise. And those messages are moving to solid calls-to-action for sales lead generation while supporting and building branding messages for customers.

In order to succeed, all aspects of the team—production, editorial, sales, and Web—must be aligned, leveraged and incorporated to enable users to consume media on their terms while enabling customers to easily participate without risk.