Reducing Paper … With Paper?

Supermarket launches ‘green’ magazine.

Jason Fell By Jason Fell
04/13/2009 -13:01 PM

Supermarkets across the country are calling on shoppers to be more green. They say we should buy environmentally-friendly products. We should buy reusable bags to carry our groceries. Some are even charging fees for their paper or plastic bags.

In the Northeast, the Big Y supermarket is no different. In fact, it has gone ahead and launched Going Green, a free magazine it says will help shoppers “make lifestyle choices that will benefit the environment and themselves.” Distributed at all of Big Y’s 56 locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, the 37-page print magazine will feature money saving tips to help save the planet, a guide to eco-friendly purchases and information on reusing and recycling.

Isn’t it a bit ironic for Big Y to promote green practices by producing a printed magazine? Could they have printed “green tips” on their paper bags instead?

Jason Fell By Jason Fell --

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