Bauer and Wenner Media titles are seeing high newsstand sales from an unlikely cover personality.

Nadya Suleman—the tabloid-sensation mom of octuplets (along with six other children)—is helping celebrity newsweeklies get back on their feet—even if only for one issue.

Celebrity titles took a beating during the second half last year—Bauer and Wenner’s in particular. Bauer’s In Touch dropped 32 percent in single copy sales, Life & Style down 31.3 percent and Wenner’s Us Weekly 20.7 percent.
But reports that sales of Life & Style went through the roof when the magazine put the “octo-mom” on the cover. Us Weekly also stands to up newsstand sales thanks to a photo exclusive with the “octo-mom.”

A Bauer spokesperson declined to comment on the exact sales number, but said the company was “extremely pleased with this cover, and we not only met, but exceeded our rate base.”

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