New Study Says Magazines a More Effective Buy Than Online, TV

Study claims better ROI, too.

Matt Kinsman By Matt Kinsman
10/13/2009 -14:45 PM

A new study says magazine advertising drives consumer attitudes and intended behavior more effectively than viewing television advertising on its own or seeing TV and online messages together.

Researcher Dynamic Logic recently updated its database of client-commissioned accountability studies, which look at how television, magazine, and online influence consumers as they go through five stages of the buying process (or "purchase funnel") and released the findings in a new white paper called "Assessing Ad Impact: How TV, Online and Magazines Contribute Throughout the Purchase Funnel."

Takeaways include:

■  Adding magazines to TV and online campaigns had the greatest impact on consumer attitudes and intended behavior in three out of five stages including brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase consideration/intent at conversion and action stages of the funnel.

■  Magazines were also the most cost effective medium throughout the purchase funnel when considering cost per person and people impacted per dollar spent.

■  Magazines significantly outperformed online and TV in generating brand favorability.

The Dynamic Logic CrossMedia Research surveys are conducted online by asking respondents about media habits and attitudes toward advertising for a specific campaign. The current white paper looks at an aggregation of 39 studies from 2004 to 2009 and includes 10 studies with ROI data.

While Magazine Publishers of America is doing its best to publicize the data, it says it was not involved in any of the studies nor did it have access to the data. The white paper can be found here.

Matt Kinsman By Matt Kinsman --

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