The editorial exodus at Entrepreneur continues.

According to his blog, staff writer Dennis Romero was let go Friday for "failing to carry out the duties of my job" and because "it was clear I was not happy working there."

While Romero admitted his unhappiness at the magazine, he vehemently denied the charge of failing to carry out his duties as a writer. “I will cede the second point. On the first, let me call bullshit: Since arriving to the job of staff writer at Entrepreneur in September of 2008, I have produced more copy, written more words, interviewed more people, and penned more cover stories than anyone else employed by the company,” Romero wrote. “Repeat that sentence to yourself, then wait to see if anyone from the company refutes it. You’ll hear crickets, and I’ll put money on it.”

Romero also had editor-in-chief Amy Cosper in his blogging crosshairs: “During my experience at Entrepeneur [sic], Cosper could not be bothered to make many assignments, read much copy, edit many sentences or manage many staff members. She once told an incoming editor to find out what the folks back in the cubicles did. This was after she had spent more than half a year at the mag. These were her people—her responsibility.”

"We terminated his employment for cause," Entrepreneur vice president and corporate publisher Ryan Shea wrote in an e-mail to me this afternoon. "As you know there are two sides to every story."

So, are these the rantings of a slighted staffer? Or legitimate condemnations of an editorial staff in trouble?

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