Another Digital Newsstand To Launch
Online digital publication company BlueToad said it plans to launch a new digital newsstand, called CoverStand, which will be available at no cost to publishers.

“Subscription dollars will be collected by the publisher directly—we won’t take a fee from the transaction,” a BlueToad spokesperson told FOLIO:. “When publishers that aren’t BlueToad customers wish to publish on CoverStand then they will need to provide us with a thumbnail, a link to their subscription service or their digital edition and a description.”

BlueToad says it currently carries a publication base of more than 5,000 titles. Once released, membership on CoverStand will be open to all digital publications, regardless of digital provider.

CoverStand is expected to launch in January 2010.

A Look at Bonnier’s Tablet Prototype
Bonnier released a video of its forthcoming digital tablet technology, called Mag+, which it created in partnership with design shop BERG. Here’s a look:

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

Platform Beta Tests Android Reader App
Digital magazine platform Issuu has launched a free mobile reader for Android-powered devices. It utilizes its EasyRead (beta) technology which automatically enhances the text and enables readers to read text on a small screen while maintaining the publication’s layout.

According to CEO Michael Hansen, Issuu is launching the mobile app for Android in beta now in order to get feed back and make improvements before launching a similar app for the iPhone early next year.

The Android EasyRead app is available for free here.

Advanced Launches iPhone Viewer
Saint John, Canada-based digital magazine platform Advanced Publishing has launched an iPhone version of its digital magazine service.

Features of the iPhone viewer include: live links on advertisements, full issue search, video, sharing functionality and a tracker to let publishers know when readers are accessing content over the iPhone.

Advanced said it also plans to roll out a similar viewer for Blackberry users within the “next few weeks.”

More Goes Astronomical
The digital edition of Meredith Corp.’s More is really taking off—in the sense that it’s available to at least one astronaut in space.

Meredith worked with Texterity to enable astronaut Nicole Stott to access her digital subscription to More while stationed aboard the International Space Station. Stott, in turn, blogs about her experiences in the “final frontier” at and at

According to a Meredith spokesperson, the publisher “jumped at the chance to help get Nicole her digital copy of More and loved that she has been able to share her journey in space on”

Growing & Leveraging Your Audience Database
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Audience data is more expansive and insightful than ever. Audiences exist in an array of silos—print, mobile, web, events, email,…