involved with a project to help build the case for advertising in
digital magazines. As part of the proposal process, I created a list of
digital magazines that are optimized for digital delivery that support
advertising sales.

If you are
trying to sell advertising into a digital edition and getting
resistance, show them this PDF. It contains the best list of high
profile ad supported digital magazines I could find.

Also, if you know of any other ad supported digital magazines not included here, please post them!

Here is the list so far: 

US Newsweekly: The digital reincarnation of US News and World Report

MINE: a "made to order" magazine from Time Inc publishing (84.5 percent digital, the rest print).

Sporting News Today: Daily sports news.

SportsArizona: Local sports news from Arizona.

PC Magazine: Now digital only.

PopSci Genius: From the publisher of Popular Science.

eWeek: Has a print version but the digital version is optimized.

ZooZoom: Digital only fashion form New York.

Winding Road: Pioneering digital only car magazine.

PowerBlock: For car enthusiasts.

Mustang Life: for Mustang enthusiasts.

Red Wire: Music enthusiast digital only.

Coachella: Music enthusiast digital only.

Premier Guitar: A digital replica with enhancements.

Viv: Very high end women’s service magazine.

Double Dutch: For teenage girls.

Zakar: For black women.

Hilary: Claims to be North America’s "First and Most Popular Online Women’s Magazine, est. 1995."

Double X: Launching soon, from Slate.com.

URBiz: For urban business professionals 

Organic Style: Green lifestyle magazine.

Organic Lifestyle: Also, a green lifestyle magazine.

Maria Claire: A digital preview edition.

Reader’s Digest: Digital preview edition.

American Girl: Digital preview edition.

In the U.K.:


Computer Weekly

Cosmetic Surgery Answers

Drivers Republic

Eco For You

Graduate Prospects

iMotor (Dennis)

iGizmo (Dennis)

Monkey (Dennis)

Nature Methods

Sisters magazine (Muslim women)

The Week (Dennis)

Tennis Head

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