Some sad news from my inbox today. Ed2010’s daily newsletter is no more. The e-mail, launched in 1998 by then aspiring magazine editor Chandra (Czape) Turner, began as a cocktail party alert for EAs and lowly interns who made it a goal of nabbing that dream magazine job by the year 2010. It grew to include a daily newsfeed and "whispered" rumors of job opening, and included regular meetups, panels, cocktail parties and, eventually, paid classes (kind of like a niche Mediabistro) and a robust Web site—which, I’ll admit, had never visited until today.

That’s because I got the newsletter, and read it religiously. So did a lot of people I know.

The Web site is staying put, as are the meetups and classes and parties. But the text-only newsletter, which was produced using a free e-mail service and written in the charming third person, is no more. Here’s the explanation, as posted on Ed2010’s site:

The free newsletter service that Ed used to send out your daily newsletter ( has officially bit the dust like so many other businesses lately. Even worse, the Big Z is holding hostage all the email addresses of the folks who subscribe to the daily Ed News. Deep sigh. Ed is trying not to cry about this any longer. Instead, he figures that you can check this site for all your Ed needs. Like the new book club book. Whisper Jobs will continue to be listed on the homepage, the jobs and internship pages. So don’t worry. Ed’s still here. He still loves you. He will always love you. Also, we’ll still be blasting out info on Ed’s Facebook fan page. So join it if you haven’t already!

I’ll join, perhaps. But I sure will miss that e-mail.

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