Nstein: Lighter Losses through First Half

Montreal-based Nstein Technologies reported $6.2 million in revenue during the second quarter of 2009, up 3 percent from $6 million during the same period last year. The company reported a $258,841, an improvement over a $1.55 million loss during the same period last year.

Through the first six months, Nstein reported a loss of $417,788 on $11.57 million in revenue. That’s compared to a $1.64 million loss on $12.03 million in revenue during the first half in 2008.

In a statement, Nstein said as of June 30 the company had $6 million in cash and working capital of $7.6 million. It carried $400,000 in long-term debt.

Reducing Complexity, Cost of Drupal Maintenance

Social publishing group Acquia recently announced two new services for Drupal CMS users. Its Acquia Hosting offers a cloud-based platform that, when combined with an Acquia Network subscription, enables users to turn to a single source for Drupal infrastructure and support.

With a price based on usage, Acquia Hosting includes hosted SVN repositories to streamline developer workflow including code management, on-demand staging environments for functional testing and automated deployment to production instances, Acquia said.

The company also made its Remote Administration service available to enterprise customers. The service provides a single contact for Drupal support and application administration, allowing publishers to outsource routine updates and maintenance on their Drupal servers.

Acquia said the benefits of the Remote Administration service include the ability to consistently budget for site administration and the ability to assign Web teams to revenue-driving projects, instead of Drupal management tasks.

‘Refined’ Version of Plone Released

Open source CMS Plone recently released Plone 3.3 which, the company said, includes several refinements like improved facilities for building sub-sites.

Highlights of the new version include automatic redirection when accessing link objects, more consistent HTML, improvements to document locking behavior and timeouts, ability to customize indexing strategies with adapters and default disabling of in-line editing.

Another significant feature, according to Plone, is the ability to localize navigation, tabs, sitemaps and searches within folders. This feature simplifies the creation of creating sub-sites within a Plone site.

Instructions for upgrading existing installations are available here.

Two Publishers Tap Mark Logic

San Carlos, California-based Mark Logic Corp. said the Nature Publishing Group and Platts, the energy arm of McGraw-Hill, are using the MarkLogic Server.

Nature Publishing, the division of Macmillan Publishers that publishes Nature and Scientific American, is using the server as its primary XML-based information platform, the company said. The server better enables users to search up-to-date articles from all titles on nature.com.

Platts, meanwhile, will use the MarkLogic Server to power LNG TraderNet, a Web-based service that provides traders, analysts and other members of the Liquefied Natural Gas community with market intelligence and analytical tools on the physical energy markets. Using the server, Platts said it is driving internal cost savings and more effectively pricing, packaging and monetizing its content.

Thinking Outside the Box in Editorial Management
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