WordPress Named Top Open Source CMS
Packt Publishing, a publisher of books and other publications on technology solutions, recently named WordPress the overall best open source CMS of 2009. Tying for runner up were MODx and SilverStripe.

In the Most Promising Open Source CMS category, ImpressCMS took the top honor while ystems called Pixie and Pligg tied for the first runner up slot. For the second year in a row, Plone took the top award in the Best Other Open Source CMS Category.

This year’s competition also featured a “Hall of Fame” category, which included former winners of the overall open source CMS award pitted against each other. Drupal took top honors.

Packt Publishing’s award program this year was made up of more than 12,000 nominations and generated more than 23,000 votes.

Nstein Technologies Adopts Semantic Site Search

CMS provider Nstein Technologies  has launched Semantic Site Search (dubbed 3S for short), a new front-end, multi-index search engine that uses text-mining technology to generate search results that are organized categorically.

3S can take content from different indices from different Web publishing platforms. The text mining engine then identifies concepts, categories, proper names, places, organizations, sentiment and topics in specific content pieces and then annotates those documents, creating a “semantic fingerprint.”

The search engine is customizable and has a visual interface that lets administrators tweak search sensitivity algorithms without having to modify hard code. The service also comes with front-end widgets that can be bundled to point users to “similar content” or “most recent content.”

Printer Bolsters CMS Offering
Shepherdsville, Kentucky-based printer Publishers Press  has formed two partnerships that it says supports its previously announced content management and distribution initiative. For its content repository, Publishers Press is working with Mark Logic. For content enrichment, it has enlisted the services of Atex/Temis.

The Web content management system uses Atex’s Polopoly software, which features features key functions including open APIs, scalability, template-driven design and ease of integration with third-party systems.

Content management makes up the third component to the Publishers Press e-PubXpress digital suite, which includes digital magazine and e-mail marketing services.

Atex Has Busy Two Months
The U.K.-based CMS software provider Atex said it enrolled eight new clients in September and October for its Atex Polopoly Web CMS.

No magazine publishers were among them, but the list included daily newspapers in New York (Newsday), Dubai, Stockholm and Brazil; an online directory publisher based in Milan; a German broadcast company; and a high school sports Web site.

“As media companies look to build digital revenues through greater integration of editorial and highly relevant advertising content, as well as to establish new subscriber payment models and premium content initiatives, Atex is pleased to be chosen again and again as the vendor partner of choice for both print and Web content management,” Peter Marsh, Atex’s head of global product management, said in a statement.

Using Audience Engagement Data to Improve Editorial Content
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