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CMPMedica Reorganizes, Shutters Two Titles

Source: Nearly 30 people laid off.

By Jason Fell

Another United Business Media group has undergone a reorganization resulting in layoffs.

CMPMedica U.S. this week ceased print production of two monthly magazines—Infections in Medicine and the AIDS Reader—resulting in an undisclosed number of layoffs. A spokesperson, who declined to say exactly how many employees were let go, attributed the cuts to the “industry-wide decline in print advertising.” She said the two magazines will continue to publish online.

A source familiar with the cuts told FOLIO: nearly 30 staffers lost their jobs.

“We’re seeing positive growth in our custom business, digital advertising as well as live events,” the spokesperson said. “This reorganization will allow us to better align our resources within the growing areas of our business.”

Last week, UBM’s TechWeb also reorganized, resulting in a number of layoffs as well as management changes.

London-based UBM has undergone numerous reorganizations over the last several months. In December, TechInsights announced a “leadership reorganization” which resulted in the elimination of roughly 10 percent of its global workforce. It also reorganized East Windsor, New Jersey-based Commonwealth Business Media unit—which publishes several magazines targeting the global trade and transportation market—into UBM Aviation and UBM Global Trade.

CMPMedica U.S. continues to publish 11 trade magazines, including Psychiatric Times, Physicians Practice and Diagnostic Imaging.

By Jason Fell


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