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Is the CMO of Your Advertiser on Twitter?

Follow one. It might help you sell an ad.

Josh Gordon By Josh Gordon
05/11/2009 -12:03 PM

One great way to get on the "inside" of an account is to follow key marketing decision-makers on Twitter. Anyone can "follow" anyone with a Twitter account, and by "following" a marketing executive you will receive a steady stream of anecdotal information that can better help you understand and ultimately sell the account.

The question is, who in your client's marketing department is on Twitter? I've noticed that most ad managers and people focused on internal functions are often not. Even though Twitter is all the rage, most people who start do not continue. A recent survey by Nielsen found that slightly less than 60 percent of Twitter beginners continue after a month. In business, the people who tend to keep Tweeting are ones who find a business benefit. For internal people, like media buyers, once the novelty wears of it can be hard to justify the time, effort and discipline required to keep up a steady flow of Tweets.

But a chief marketing officer who Tweets can attract positive attention for an organization. Since most will assume they are involved in company policy, when their posts generate a positive reaction, it reflects on the company. That is a business benefit.

On a large account, you may never meet or call on the CMO. But by "following " them on Twitter you can gain insight into the mind, values, and where abouts of the person setting the tone and direction for an organizations marketing. 

Let's get started. Check this list of CMOs who are on Twitter maintained by by Systemic Marketing to see if you already know a CMO on Twitter. Hey, that's Zinio's CMO Jeanniey Mullen at #33 on the list. See? I already know a CMO on Twitter. I'll bet you do too!


Josh Gordon By Josh Gordon -- Josh Gordon is president of Smarter Media where he works with publishers to maximize their online and print revenue through training, consulting, and representation.

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