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Black Man’s Head Photoshopped onto City Guide’s Cover

Spokesperson said goal was to depict diversity.

Jason Fell By Jason Fell
06/24/2009 -10:23 AM

We don’t write about city travel guides very often. In this case, though, I couldn’t resist.

The Canadian city of Toronto recently debuted its Spring/Summer 2009 “Fun Guide” featuring a smiling, ethnically diverse family on the cover. The problem? The face of the African-Canadian father was digitally imposed onto the face of the man in the original photo.

[Click here to see the comparison.]

A city of Toronto spokesperson told Canada’s National Post the original photo was doctored to better “depict the diversity of Toronto and its residents.”

I’m all for representing a city’s diversity, but imposing the head of a man of one race onto the shoulders of another man, is unacceptable. Not to mention this cover looks like a gag.
“Is that a joke?” asked one creative director I shared this story with. “That’s just horrible.”

And, the best part: the original photo is a stock image. The family is “not known” to be Toronto residents.

[Editor's note: This post reminds me of an old Onion headline—"Black Guy Photoshopped In"—but, unfortunately for the city of Toronto, this time it's not a joke.]

Jason Fell By Jason Fell --

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