For several weeks now, this white paper I wrote for the Customer Collective ("What is Your Recession Sales Strategy?") has been one of the top ranked white papers on the Web, according to ZDNet. This is great news for media salespeople because it is a great media sales tool. The white paper is based on a research study that challenges assumptions of how selling should be done in a recession and can open conversations that lead to a media sale.

There are six findings in the white paper and each can help you sell ads. Here are the first two:

1. In a recession, the most common sales direction is to go after new categories of customers. Instead, focus on selling more products to your current customers. This will be more profitable, less difficult, and when the recession ends you will be tighter with your client base.

Selling point: A client who embraces this strategy will be releasing new products, configurations, programs, and packages to their existing client base. Ads can help carry the message.

2. As a result of the recession, 26 percent of sales organizations are working more closely with their marketing departments.

Selling point: The bad news is that three out of four are not. The panel of experts insists that in a recession sales and marketing must work together. Marketing needs to refocus to help the sales staff. Image advertising can be diminished, and more emphasis placed on the kind of promotion that attracts people looking for solutions. This is a golden opportunity for you to sell advertising and online programs that generate sales leads, or attract people looking for solutions. Webinars, e-blasts, and direct response advertising are appropriate here.

Now, read all six points in the FOLIO: magazine article "What ‘Do You Have A Recession Sales Strategy?’ Means for Content Publishers."  

If you read the FOLIO: article and review the importance of the study you should be ready for a great sales call.

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