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For AMI, Canon, Emmis, Penton, Others, Life on the 'Bottom Rung'

On infamous Moody's list, publishers occupy an uncomfortable position.

Bill Mickey By Bill Mickey
03/13/2009 -10:06 AM

To the consternation of about 283 CEOs, Moody's Investor Service published its "Bottom Rung" list on Tuesday—a compilation of companies the firm thinks are at the greatest risk of defaulting on their debts. FOLIO: took a look at the bottom 30 earlier, but the full list reveals a cringe-worthy portion of publishers and media companies.

Some surprising; some, not so much:

Advanstar Communications Inc.
American Media Operations Inc.
Canon Communications LLC
Emmis Communications Corporation
Endurance Business Media Inc.
Hanley Wood LLC
Jobson Medical Information LLC
Morris Publishing Group LLC
Penton Media Holdings Inc.
Questex Media Group Inc.
Reader's Digest Association Inc.
Source Interlink Companies Inc.

Auto, retail and manufacturing also make up large segments of the list, but in aggregate, it represents almost every sector of the economy.

There are other high-profile names on the list, too: Blockbuster Inc., Chrysler, Ford, GM, JetBlue and the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation.

Check out  the full list here ...


Bill Mickey By Bill Mickey -- Bill Mickey is editor of Folio:. Follow him on Twitter: @billmickey

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