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Journalist Launching Russian Investor Mag

Title to cover country’s exploding financial market. ...More Flops Focus for Facebook

CondeNet site reshaped as social networking application. ...More

What Drove McGraw-Hill’s 611 Job Cuts?

Hurt by subprime crisis, company’s stock price tumbles $30 per share in 2007. ...More

  • Matt Kinsman
    Maybe You Can Sell Digital Editions After All

    Digital editions have evolved beyond digital facsimiles to offer search and archive capabilities. Now they're starting to show some promise as revenue generators too. ...More

    Matt Kinsman
  • CQ Seeks Sale of Books Division

    Company looking to redirect resources to its core enterprises, including magazines. ...More

    CosmoGirl! Enlists Teenage Correspondents to Cover 2008 Election

    Pair of 18-year-old readers cover the ’08 presidential election. ...More

  • Bill Mickey
    Guerrilla Cover Testing

    Veg Times publisher uses Web-based focus groups for 21% bump. ...More

    Bill Mickey
  • Dylan Stableford Founder: We'll Talk to Anyone, But We're Not Looking to Sell—Yet

    Samir Arora says he gets approached often, but so far has avoided serious talks. ...More

    Dylan Stableford
  • Ladies’ Home Journal Launches Redesign

    Dedicates two pages per issue to 125-year history. ...More

  • Joanna Pettas
    Hearst Tower a ‘Misplaced Missile Silo’

    Architectural Record critic slams the green tower. ...More

    Joanna Pettas

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