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How to Price Custom Publishing Services

Know the desired margins for print and online projects. ...More

2008 Circ Salary Survey

Circ salaries level out or decline amidst increasing responsibilities. ...More

Consumer Reports Takes Out Ad Warning Consumers of Credit Card Debt

‘There’s no ‘bailout clause’ in your credit card agreement,’ USA Today ad warns. ...More

Minimalism is In

When it comes to magazine covers these days, less is definitely more. ...More

“A New Level of Entertainment” for Digital Mags


Vetting E-Mail Newsletters

An association publisher offers tips for what works. ...More

On Budgeting Down, When Pride and Professional Survival Dictate Otherwise

Dealing with the downturn when the investors demand print growth. ...More

Magazine Deals ‘Difficult,’ Not ‘Impossible’

M&A players weigh in on challenges of selling in a tight credit market. ...More

We’ve Been Here Before

Publishers need to keep the downturn in perspective and focus on how to grow. ...More

  • Frank Locantore
    How to Prevent a Green Backlash Against Your Brand

    Step 1: Know what’s in your paper. ...More

    Frank Locantore

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