CHICAGO—During an afternoon session on the final day of American Business Media’s Top Management meeting here, moderator and Apprise Media CEO Charlie McCurdy said Booz & Company’s survey, “A Roadmap for Profitable Growth,” which was presented here Monday, comes at a difficult time in b-to-b publishing.

“I was in Montecito, California having dinner the other night and was looking up at all of the houses that were destroyed from the wildfires,” McCurdy said. “Booz coming to do this survey is kind of like an interior decorator coming to decorate those houses. It’s great advice, but we have some big fires to put out.”

Panelist and Summit Business Media CEO Andy Goodenough said the study was a “concise view of what we need to do here as businesses,” noting that Summit has “tripled in size” since launching nearly two years ago. M2Media360 CEO Marion Minor noted many companies need to cut costs but stressed considering audience, “not just numbers.”

Show Me the Money

The morning session, “20 Money Making Ideas in 20 Minutes,” proved to be a lively discussion led by NewBay Media CEO Steve Palm and Carr Davis, co-CEO of Cygnus Business Media. Although the pair came up short of delivering 20 ideas, they talked about the importance of publishers customizing their Web sites and repurposing client video online.

Davis, who didn’t mention the pending sale of Cygnus, stressed the use of Webinars as lead generators. Webinar revenue has more than doubled since Davis and fellow co-CEO Tony O’Brien joined the largely print-centric company a little more than two years ago, Davis said.

Palm said NewBay is the latest publisher to join the BBN Network, b-to-b advertising network founded earlier this year through a partnership with Cygnus, McGraw-Hill Nielsen, Reed Business and 24/7 Real Media, Inc.