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‘Virtual Trade Shows are Like Virtual Sex’

Access Intelligence CEO addresses CM show.

Dylan Stableford By Dylan Stableford
06/24/2008 -12:37 PM

[Photo by FOLIO: publisher Tony Silber]

CHICAGO—Before most people could finish their morning coffee on Day One of the Circulation Management show here, Don Pazour, CEO of Access Intelligence, delivered this perhaps-too-much-information line during his breakfast keynote:

“I hate virtual trade shows. Virtual trade shows are like virtual sex—you need the touch.”

Hey-oh!!! Everybody awake now?!?!

Pazour’s point, though, was that despite soaring gas prices and economic downturn threatening attendance, face-to-face events are still a thriving part of the publishing business, and publishers shouldn’t overlook the importance of live interaction in an increasingly electronic world.

But perhaps what should’ve been more viscerally jaw-dropping was Pazour’s admission that “flat is the new up” in magazine publishing. While everybody knows this, hearing it spoken nonchalantly, amplified, is no less troubling.


Dylan Stableford By Dylan Stableford --

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