Victims of Media Layoffs Band Together to Party Like its 1999

Ex-Radar editor launches cheeky group for the freshly unemployed.

Dylan Stableford By Dylan Stableford
12/10/2008 -17:59 PM

With all the layoffs in the media industry this year, it was just a matter of time before an enterprising victim decided to throw a party for all of the freshly unemployed.

Enter ex-Radar executive editor Aaron Gell, whose cheeky American Society of Shit-Canned Media Elites (“ASSME”—a dig at the MPA’s ASME) is reinventing the famed “pink slip parties” of the bust era with a holiday party next week in New York. (Say what you want about the magazine, Radar always knew how to throw a good party.)

Here’s the invite:

Who: Recently downsized magazine, newspaper, publishing, advertising, TV and Web professionals. Still employed?  You’re buying the first round.
Where: Ella Lounge, 9 Avenue A
When: Wednesday, Dec. 17, from 8-11
Open bar with p.i.n.k. vodka from 8-9pm; $5 drink specials
Broke ass beats by Josh Link/photos by
What to bring: a nice, gently worn coat for New York Cares.


Dylan Stableford By Dylan Stableford --

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