As publishers face advertisers clamoring for “measured media,” a service called SmartAds may offer some help. iiON Corp.’s SmartAds technology lets viewers interact with the ad by posing questions or offers, then serving up information or images tailored to that viewer based on his or her responses without taking the viewer away from the site. Advertisers get access to not just clickthrough rates but also demographic information such as age and product preferences.

SmartAds are Flash-based and can be embedded directly into items ranging from content to banners to Web pages and video players or digital editions. CBS ran a SmartAds campaign with advertiser Natural Balance Dog Food which yielded a 2.4 percent clickthrough.

Several publishers are evaluating SmartAds, including Advanstar, which is including SmartAds in proposals to key accounts. ”We don’t know yet how many of our advertisers will choose to include SmartAds in their programs,” says Dana Fisher, director of electronic products with Advanstar’s Powersports Group. “But with increased pressure on marketers to prove the value of their online programs and metrics, SmartAds fits that challenge.”

Publishers can charge a higher CPM for SmartAds campaigns because of the data collecting ability. If traffic to a site is 1.2 million unique visitors or less, publishers can expect to pay about $2,500 for a month of SmartAds. iiON Corp. is also talking about making the solution available to ad networks for about $300,000 per year.