The March issue of FOLIO: magazine will feature a Magazine Industry Job Report that looks at the state of working in the publishing industry, everything from hiring trends to salaries, hot jobs to those that are becoming obsolete, to salary growth over the last three years and expectations for the future.

As part of the research for this report, we did a short poll of FOLIO: readers asking how they feel about the future of print magazines. We cross-tabbed the results to break up responses by job discipline. (See below.)

As expected, the majority of 885 respondents think the print product will become increasingly nichified.

The more interesting responses include the gap between those who think print is vibrantly growing, and those who think print will cease to exist. A healthy amount of "corporate management" executives (41%) say magazines are as useful as ever, followed by "salespeople" (most of whom are still seeing much bigger commissions on print than e-media). Contrast that to the e-media and finance folks, where only seven percent of e-media and 10 percent of finance say print is as valuable as ever, and 20 percent of each of those two disciplines say it will cease to exist.

NAME "Useful
as ever."
"Nichified." "Cease
to exist."
41% 58% 1%
SALES 32% 67% 1%
DESIGN 30% 66% 4%
EDITORIAL 39% 59% 3%
PRODUCTION 29% 62% 10%
CIRCULATION 27% 68% 5%
EVENTS 18% 82% 0%
FINANCE 10% 70% 20%
E-MEDIA 7% 73% 20%

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