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Advertising Sales Director
Salesperson, Account Executive or Manager


2007, ad sales or regional managers in consumer saw a big jump in mean
base salary—up 26.8 percent from the previous year to $87,516—and in
average total compensation—up 11.8 percent to $132,000. These managers
trumped their b-to-b counterparts by almost $30,000 in base salary and
$18,000 in total compensation, even though b-to-b managers made 23.2
percent more in average commission.

Like directors, managers saw
a significant gap between average base salaries and total compensation
among males versus females. Males’ base salaries were 11.7 percent
higher and their total compensation was 7.9 percent higher.

like directors, it pays to work more than 40 hours. Those who work ed
41-49 hours a week made almost $23,000 more. However, there doesn’t
seem to be as much of a payoff for working 50 or more—these people made
an average only about $1,300 higher than those working 41-49 hours.

are enjoying the flexibility of their jobs, as this was one of the most
cited rewarding aspects in verbatim comments. They’re enjoying the
independence. “Freedom to succeed and be an autonomous manager. No
limit in compensation,” one wrote. “The ability to work my own business
(my territory) minus all the headaches of owning a business,” said

But at the same time, they’re worried about the economy,
particularly in their own markets—“Building industry is in a slump,”
one wrote; “Recession of aquarium industry,” said another; “Little
growth in restaurant industry,” another commented.

They’re also
grappling with the impact of e-media. “Integration of digital media has
potential to be both an obstacle and an opportunity,” one wrote. For
industry trends affecting compensation, one said, “E-commerce. Still
trying to figure out a compensation model so I don’t know for sure.”

twenty-four percent expect to see a total compensation decrease in
2008, while 24 percent expect compensation to stay the same.


Source: FOLIO: and Readex Research