Commercial printer Quebecor World has launched a pair of co-mailing technologies it says will save magazine publishers on postal costs.

One of the new technologies, a variable trim co-mail system, enables the printer to deliver multiple trim formats inline. A high-speed trimmer varies trim size from book to book and can adjust to varying book thickness, Quebecor says.

The other technology, a “hybrid” co-mail system, enables Quebcor to combine customized books that are either saddle-stitched or perfect bound with other previously stitched or bound books. The hybrid system creates new co-mail pools by eliminating constraints around size, bind type and mail class.

The result, the company says, is that publishers can participate in co-mailing pools they might have previously been sized out of. The variable trim and hybrid co-mailing systems also can enable publishers to “create new formats for their advertisers and readers,” said Quebecor World Publishing Services president Kevin Clarke.

In February, Quebecor’s World Logistics group launched a mixed-class co-mail system that combines Periodical and Standard class mail pieces into a single offline co-mail option.

Thinking Outside the Box in Editorial Management
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