[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following quotes are from various sessions during Day Two of the 2008 FOLIO: Publishing Summit. We’ll add to this list throughout the day.]

"We have a society columnist who looks at the computer and says, ‘Over my dead body.’ And that may indeed be the situation."
—A city and regional publisher on the struggle to change the editorial culture at his magazine.

“They not only save you money, they bring young, fresh ideas into an organization. They’re not cynical. They don’t know it can’t be done.”
Michael T. Carr, president, Greenspun Media, on hiring interns.

“I have 85 people in open revolt at any given time.”
—Carr on getting his 1,200 employees to buy into a new business idea.

“We spend $4,000-$5,000 per issue. But we have to do it to create an environment for these high end advertisers.”
Lynne Groth, publisher, Gulfshore Life, on producing fashion pages for her magazine.

"We threw a $200,000 over-the-top party, and it cost us $10,000."
Dana Spain-Smith, COO, DLG Media Holdings, on selling event sponsorships.

"You need to put fire in the belly of your writers."
Don Tenant, vice president and editorial director, Infoworld and Coputerworld, on getting reporters to write daily breaking news.

"We look for the money shot. It may be only five seconds, but its something that just can’t be told in a textual form."
Evan Hansen, editor-in-chief, Wired News

"Tremendous spikes [in Web traffic] can come through and then be gone. What does that mean?"
Hank Boye, publisher, Harvard Business Review.

"People are reading in completely different ways. I have a lot of designers who get it, a lot of sales people who really want to get it, and then I have a whole bunch of editors who are in total denial."
Craig Waller, chief marketing director, Pace Communications.