United Hemispheres has the most affluent readers; Soap Opera Weekly has the least affluent (but boasts more than 19 readers per copy). Teen Vogue has the youngest readers. (Although at 18, that is pushing the definition of “teen.” However, that still beats Seventeen which has a median reader age of 20.6). American Legion has the oldest readers. Bridal Guide has the highest passalong rate of any magazine in the country.

This according to the results of Mediamark research Inc.’s fall survey of 223,672 adults, released last month.

The median household income of those surveyed by MRI was $57,711, up 4.1 percent over MRI’s fall 2007 survey. However, of the 250 titles or so included in the survey, just 19 reach an audience with a median household income of $100,000 or more. Hemispheres has the most affuent audience with $127,571 in median income.