One solution for publishers who are building out their e-media products and need to manage their content are XML platforms, which convert a magazine’s content to a format that’s easily reproduced digitally and in print.

XML platform provider Mark Logic has launched MarkLogic Server 4.0, the latest version of its flagship XML server.

One new feature with the MarkLogic Server 4.0 is what the company calls built-in “geospatial support” for data tagging formats like GML, KML and GeoRSS/Simple, as well as query functions for point, radius, box and polygon constraints. The new server also features support for entity identification (text mining) and inline markup.

Other new features include large-scale alerting (enabling users to create alerts to be notified when content is added or modified) and enhanced content analytics.

A spokesperson declined to say how much the new server will cost but said pricing is “flexible” depending on a publisher’s needs.