In a recent post ("Dude! Young Americans Trust Business Magazines More Than Wikipedia!") I reviewed a 2008
Edelman Study that documented how young Americans rated business
magazines as #1 in credibility as a source of company information,
and Wikipedia #2.

But as Gregory Kohs correctly
commented, the Edelman study is not focused on young Americans. It is a worldwide study focusing on business leaders.

While the "young
American" finding was interesting, the more
important finding is how business leaders, worldwide, perceive
different media.

Posted here is a chart on
media credibility as it relates to this broader audience.

As with young
Americans, business magazines were #1 followed by stock or industry
analyst reports, then followed by television.

This is a great report to
bring on a call to document the credibility magazine advertising can
bring to a marketing program.

Download the entire Edelman study here …

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