A Lesson in Execu-Speak 101 at F+W

Tony Silber By Tony Silber
01/24/2008 -15:48 PM

A year apart, and in two different management regimes, two executives use remarkably similar language in describing remarkably similar priorities.

When Colin Ungaro [pictured, left] came on board as president of the magazine division of F+W Publication in April 2007, he was brimming with ideas and priorities in e-media, events and more. He predicted significant growth for the 60-title company and described a business with a strong bond to its readers, poised for great things.

He left the company in December 2007. Now David Nussbaum [above, right] has come on as CEO. In an interview this week, Nussbaum was brimming with ideas and priorities in e-media, events and more. He predicted significant growth for the company and described a business with a strong bond to its readers, poised for great things.

He sounded very much like Ungaro did in April 2007. In a way, it’s not surprising. This is an industry where executives often work off the same script when it comes to major announcements. Has anyone—anyone—not heard these kinds of phrases?

• “We are closing (selling) these properties to focus more on our core strengths ...”
• “I’m delighted to be forming this partnership with [fill in the blank] and its talented team. With their strong positions in their served markets...”
• “We’re thrilled to have an executive of [fill in the blank]’s rare level of experience and skill joining us as we aggressively build out our [fill in the blank] business…”
• “The variance to budget was a timing issue related to [fill in the blank] ...”

Some excerpts from Ungaro’s Q+A then, and Nussbaum’s Q+A now:

On what b-to-b and consumer-enthusiast media have in common ...

Ungaro 2007: “It’s serving a particular audience, which is what you do in b-to-b. There are a lot similarities between the two.

Nussbaum 2008: “I see b-to-b and enthusiast media as very similar. We serve highly defined markets. We have very interested and passionate communities. We are very vertical in our approach.”

On their plans for e-media expansion at F+W ...

Ungaro 2007:
“We already have the infrastructure in place to grow online. The infrastructure was in place before I got here. We have an interactive media department. So what I’m doing is building out what we already have.”

Nussbaum 2008: “F+W started aggressively building its e-media infrastructure about a year ago. In June 2007 it hired a top-notch talented leader in John Lerner. There is a lot to work with here from a talent perspective. And the current budget calls for a further meaningful investment in people, technology, and services to continue that investment.”

On new product development ...

Ungaro 2007: “We’ll be rolling out new products at a very fast pace.”

Nussbaum 2008: “There is an opportunity for the growth rate to be excellent. We think there are a myriad of new product ideas that need to be brought to market. Frankly, I took this job because there is such a deep and natural path for new revenue.”

On the strength of F+W events ...

Ungaro 2007: “Events are a very profitable part of our business. It helps us to serve our audiences much better and, I would say, we’ve only just scratched the surface in the market. We’re very bullish about the business and the growth we can achieve.”

Nussbaum 2008: “We are also going to be focused on event launches. For example, the annual How Design conference, which consistently experiences sell-out capacity, has given life to two additional conferences to better serve our customers. Both new conferences are well-attended, without sacrificing the success of the how conference.”

On serving enthusiasts ...

Ungaro 2007: "We’re serving different needs in different markets, but the common thread is that we’re serving enthusiasts that want to get very specific information in whatever they are interested in.”

Nussbaum 2008:
“‘Prosumers’ are willing to pay for information and products that are their passions and hobbies, and thus are committed to their media offerings and brands. There is a sacred pact between the media brand and its community to provide networking, information, data, and help in deepening the readers’ knowledge about the subject.”


Tony Silber By Tony Silber --

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