The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations General Assembly recently concluded in Mexico and Chris Boyd, outgoing president of the Audit Bureau of Circulations U.K. and Ireland, challenged IFABC members to “embrace the digital medium.”

Despite ongoing services already long in place by stateside organizations like ABC and BPA Worldwide offering digital auditing standards, Boyd encouraged circulation executives to remain engaged with a rapidly-changing environment. “The very nature of digital platforms has meant that it has become more challenging for those bureaux involved with digital auditing and reporting to stay ahead of the game and to continually deliver to the fast evolving market needs,” he said.

Boyd’s comments were perhaps targeted to the smaller bureau members—there are 39 members in the IFABC from 36 countries—that still rely solely on the print medium. In his statements, Boyd advised members to use some of the revenue they get from their print customers to explore new media measurement.

Boyd acknowledged that there are plenty of organizations that already measure digital media, including commercial competitors, and highlighted each bureau’s advantage of being well recognized by the advertising and media industries in their respective countries.

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