Vance Publishing has added a new section to its sales sheets in the past year by teaming up with online ad serving technology AdJuggler.

An alternative to 800-pound gorilla Doubleclick, AdJuggler allows Vance to sell and manage ads that can be rotated and spread out among its 60 b-to-b Web sites, targeted by time and day, keyword, cookies and geography. Vance could run a campaign for the month of July with the goal to guarantee click-throughs, targeting users only in the Midwest. The ads would be tracked based on a number of criteria including impressions served, if a lead was generated, if a sale was made, etc. Then, Vance could define a daily report for its customer, based on criteria such as gross revenue or ROI, that would automatically generate each day, with a 15-minute lag.

Reed Rizzo, product manager at Vance, says he chose AdJuggler because it had the necessary functionality and was cheaper than its competition. It also doesn’t have a limit, as he says Doubleclick does, on how many views the sites need to bring in to be part of the service.

The next step for Vance, according to Rizzo, is to sell ads across its 60 sites at once to advertisers like Nextel and Ford, who may want to market to businesses in general rather than within a particular industry.