Great FOLIO: cover story this month on and its pink-leaning founder, Samir Arora. The company is still somehow under the radar, despite its absurd traffic growth (25 million unique visitors a month across its network of 400 sites) and rank (ComScore places it among the top 25 Internet media companies).

One point that didn’t make it into the article but came out during a video shoot we did with Samir for this week: he’s not looking to flip the company. At least, not yet. From rough notes I took during the interview:

FOLIO: I’d imagine, given all the success you’ve had in a relatively short period of time, you get approached a lot by some of this traditional media companies you’re kind of competing with.

ARORA: Yes, we do get approached, every month … nothing serious … but that wasn’t the goal. We want to create a great brand … one that will have tremendous value in the marketplace.

If traditional publishers continue to miss the site network strategy, as Arora says, I’d expect that line of “approachers” to start looking like the runway at JFK, probably sooner than later. And when it does, it’ll be a fun exercise in valuation.