Just a few years ago, industry observers weren’t sure what to make
of digital magazines. They were viewed by many as a technology that
combined elements of print and online in counterintuitive ways, and
seemed to be a means for publishers and readers alike to cling to the
familiarity of print. But a funny thing happened. Adoption of the
digital-magazine format kept growing. In fact, it skyrocketed (though
penetration typically reaches about 10-15 percent or so of a magazine’s
circ). All the while, the technical capabilities vastly improved. What
once was used as a cost-saving device for international distribution,
or as a refuge for declining print magazines, has now emerged as an
intriguing hybrid—combining elements of print and online in interesting
and useful ways. This supplement explores the underpinnings of that
shift and how magazine publishers are leveraging digital editions in
new and profitable ways.

The State of Digital Magazine Delivery, 2008

Printers Extend Their Services to Digital

Key ABC and BPA Audit Rules for Digital Editions

What Drives Publishers to Use, and Readers to Read, Digital Magazines?

The Art of Enhancement: Digital Magazines 2.0

Spin Reaches Out to Young Readers

What About E-Paper? And Mobile Delivery?

With Growth Comes Many Competitors

Digital-Only Magazines Offer a New Strategy for Former Print Titles

Going All-Digital Spawns a New Business Approach