Near the end of an otherwise unremarkable interview with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner (both of whom have developed what I’ll refer to henceforth as "caricature coifs") about an upcoming Hunter S. Thompson documentary, PBS’ Charlie Rose slipped in this little question, rather nonchalantly I might add:

“So what’s this story that Condé Nast wants to buy Rolling Stone?”

Here’s the video:


Fast-forward to 32:10 to hear their coy, befuddled yet uncomfortable responses.

I e-mailed Maurie Perl at Condé Nast for comment. We’ll see if there is one.

If true, though, this would fall under the "developing" tag, and a big one at that.

[As always, drop me a line—dylan AT red7media DOT com or 203.899.8481—if you have any intel on this or any other deal in the works.]