The traditional Webinar model (PowerPoint presentation and conference call) generated decent attendance and leads for Keller Publishing and its sponsors, but the publisher thought a more updated approach could work even better. “We still use this model but we’ve realized Webinars are long,” says Brad Berger, group president and publisher for Keller’s Supply Chain Brain. “The executives we reach have limited time. We’ve also found that when we do Webinars that are advertiser neutral, they get a better response.”

Keller wanted to develop much shorter programs that were less advertiser-specific. The publisher went out to five different analyst firms and shot 85 video clips between 10 to 15 minutes each. It then approached Web developer GCN Publishing about designing a two-screen template where the viewer can watch the video with a static ad off to the right, as opposed to having to sit through a video ad before getting to the content.

Ads rotate every 45 seconds and sponsors get access to each viewer registration. While Keller and GCN send out e-mail blasts that connect viewers directly to the videos, sponsors also receive their own private links that they can market to their own databases.

Three to Four Times the Response Rate

While Berger is still analyzing the results, he says Keller has seen three to four times the amount of registrations it gets for a typical hour-long Webinar. “These videos remain on the site for a minimum of six months while Webinars have a three to four week marketing effort,” he says. “There’s a lot more exposure for these videos.

The program has also raised Keller’s stock against the competition, where in print, Supply Chain Brain trailed behind giants like Penton Media. “Keller was never the number one book,” says GCN vice president Sean Fulton. “Now they’ve got advertisers coming to them saying, ‘Will you do this with us?’”