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How Do Print-Company Professionals Consume Media? Overwhelmingly Online

Anecdotal evidence from a VSS e-media conference.

Tony Silber By Tony Silber
08/12/2008 -13:42 PM

Every day, it seems, headlines scream about the challenges facing print publishing.

It’s not exactly a secret that there’s a major change occurring in media, as readers move online and marketing dollars follow.

But how pervasive is that change? Maybe far more than anyone realizes.

At a Veronis Suhler Stevenson e-media conference for portfolio companies in New York Monday, 29 post-conference dinner guests were asked by their host, VSS’ Jeff Stevenson, about their media consumption habits. The guests were senior and executive managers from Advanstar Communications, Access Intelligence and Red 7 Media (FOLIO:’s parent company) all of which are traditional media companies whose brand flagships are print magazines. The vast majority were over 30—what should, in theory, be the bastion of print users.

Specifically, the attendees were asked to characterize whether their personal and professional media consumption habits skewed toward print or online. Here were their responses:

  • More than two-thirds of all media consumption is online: 19 attendees
  • More than two thirds of all media consumption is print: 4 attendees, including one who is a commuter
  • Media consumption is split equally between print and online: 6 attendees

Said one of the four print-focused media consumers: “I have to say I was surprised. I always assumed my media consumption habits were everyone else’s.”


Tony Silber By Tony Silber --

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