An area satirical newspaper calling itself America’s Finest News Source has unveiled something called the Decider, an online listing Web site that will help area men and women decide, among other things, where to drink heavily.

Via TechCrunch:

The site is initially launching with content for Chicago, with plans to support more cities over the next few months. The site has a clean (albeit somewhat generic) interface, with integrated Google Maps pinpointing each reviewed restaurant and a calendar for upcoming events. In addition to regular editorial content, users will be allowed to post their own reviews and comments.

Sound familiar? That’s because Citysearch has long owned this space, but has seen its grip slip in recent years as regional magazines have beefed up their Web sites to provide similar services to their loyal readers. (Earlier this year, for instance, Greenspun Media revealed it was building a “category-crushing” Web portal for the Vegas market which it plans to roll out to its other luxury regionals like Gotham and Capitol File.)

As fans of the Onion already know, it devotes roughly half of its weekly editorial space to music and film reviews and such cultural listings (see the Onion’s A.V. Club). Still, that a satirical newspaper thinks it carve out a part of the listings space should be cause for concern for any regional magazine that hasn’t done this already.

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