You might not like this.

A recent poll of Cafepharma visitors, a Web site for salespeople in the pharmaceutical industry, asked how a salesperson’s physical attractiveness affects their selling. The survey was posted with a big helping of skeptical humor, with only three possible answers to "Which type of rep gets the best results?":

1. An average looking rep that knows their products and can sell.

2. Doesn’t matter. Too many other factors come into play regarding sales.

3. A super attractive rep that is an idiot and can’t sell.

A bit over 17 percent, about one in six, picked #3.

Some may find this funny, some not. But it raises a serious question of how we as individual salespeople differentiate ourselves in the field. If what we sell and how we sell it becomes a commodity … what’s left?

Do you have to attractive to be a media sales rep? I don’t think so. But many may disagree.