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  • Josh Gordon
    Non-Pushy Wording Can Be More Motivational

    'Click here' or 'Continue reading'? ...More

    Josh Gordon
  • Paul Conley
    It's Time to Fire My Friends

    The refusal to accept the changes in journalism has turned many of the people I know in this industry from assets into liabilities. ...More

    Paul Conley
  • First Drop in Custom Publishing Spending in Five Years

    Report: 20 percent overall drop; non-profit plummets. ...More

    Disney Acquires Online Parenting Community Site

    The Walt Disney Internet Group Tuesday announced its acquisition of iParenting Media, operators of popular online parenting community ...More

  • Henry Donahue
    Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Blogger

    If all else fails, go with LOLCats! ...More

    Henry Donahue
  • Jandos Rothstein
    It's My 'Magazine in a Box'

    Legendary Aspen recreated on the Web. ...More

    Jandos Rothstein
  • Ted Bahr
  • News Corp. Gets (More) Religion fends off buyouts from other ‘major multiplatform companies' and sells to News Corp. ...More

  • Daniel Brogan
  • Dylan Stableford
    Beliefnet Editor: News Corp. Wants Us 'For the Right Reasons'

    Waldman posts YouTube message to Belief-ers. ...More

    Dylan Stableford

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