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Restructuring Your Workforce

How publishers can adjust their operational structure for new business platforms. ...More

Brand Extensions for City and Regional

To stay alive, regional publishers need to diversify. ...More

Events: What to Do When Speakers Go AWOL

You don't have to cancel a session due to a speaker no-show. ...More

Early Bloomer

After struggling for three years, Young Money sold, switched its target audience, and grew its circulation 100 percent. ...More

Is Your Number 3 the Same as Their Number 3?

IdeAlliance is working to create universal characterization for paper. ...More

A Primer on International Mailing

You have plenty of options, but they depend on some familiar variables. ...More

Short Expectations

Traditionally, a print magazine was given a window of about two years to launch, grow and reach profitability. Today, many new products;particularly those launched online;that don't demonstrate almost immediate viability are lucky to see half that. ...More

Hanley Wood, 1105 Media Start the Year Off with Acquisitions

Hanley Wood started off the year with one acquisition, while 1105 Media made two, the companies said in separate statements Tuesday. ...More

Hanley Wood Buys Pro AV Magazine, Web site

Hanley Wood has purchased Ascend Media's Pro AV magazine and Web site, a publication focused on audio and video products and applications. ...More

Publishers Reap Benefits In New Proofing Systems

The proofing process, a long-time thorn in the side of production departments, is getting easier and cheaper thanks to new technology and bundled offers from printers. ...More

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