Pink Magazine researched its readership of professional women and discovered a demand for more interactivity: but on the individual’s request. "Our readers want to connect with other career women, but at a convenient time because they’re busy," says founding publisher Genevieve Bos. The solution: PINK TV, a video channel offering expert advice available 24/7. Bos sees PINK TV as a chance to build community around the brand while extending editorial content. As a result, the magazine hopes to raise its level of interactivity with readers and increase traffic by 30 percent.

Beat the Learning Curve: Do Your Homework
Bos says the key to creating a successful video channel is finding an experienced, competitive partner. "Some publishers are signing older technologies at astronomical costs," she says. "Publishers need to do research to get the latest and greatest, best-of-breed partners." PINK chose Multicast Media Technologies, which put up video on-demand for The Knot and Martha Stewart. Bos claims choosing a partner who had "been there, done that in the editorial space" is what has allowed Pink TV, despite the magazine’s size, to stand up against larger competitors.

Maintain Continuity
Bos has been particularly pleased with the visual consistency between the PINK TV site and "When readers go to PINK TV, they’ve left our site but don’t know it," she says. She attributes this to time and effort spent coordinating between the technology group and the magazine’s designers.

Be Shameless: Show Off!
Bos says it’s important for publishers to "be shameless and show off their success as appropriate," and video provides a venue in which to do this. For PINK, that includes recent interviews on Good Morning America and Fox & Friends. "Advertisers, partners, and readers can see how you’re doing," she says. "It makes the sales team’s job easier, and circulation’s too, because readers have heard of us."